Platform: Windows PC
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Tools Used: UE4, Photoshop, Audacity, Perforce
Duration: 1 Week (11th - 18th October 2020)
My Role: Designer/Project Lead
Team Size: 5
My Duties: Objectives, Level Design, UI, Menus, Lighting, Day and Night cycles, Design Loot drops pool, Sound and Collaborating with teammates
'Survive the Night' is a Zombie Survival game that is a Games Jobs Live - Games parade 2020 entry. The theme for the Jam was 'Carpie Diem or Seize the Day' and we had 7 days to create a game. Players Loot areas and craft weapons in order defend themselves from the undead and escape the forgotten town. 

'Survive the Night' page - Click Here