Platform: Windows PC
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Tools Used: UE4, Photoshop, Audacity, Perforce, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Discord
Duration: 6 Weeks (4th May - 12th June 2020)
My Role: Lead Designer
Team Size: 15
My Duties: Level Design, Gameplay Design, UI, Menus, Sounds, Jira Management, Trailer Creation, Junior Management and Collaborating across disciplines
The Overview
Monstify is a monster creation game. You're an evil assistant to the almighty Dr Bogus, in creating the biggest and baddest creatures known to man kind. Monstify is a 2 Player Co-op game with plenty of fun and laughter for all ages.
My role in this project was lead designer. I was in charge of communication between the different departments and getting across the direction in all of the aspects of the project. I also directed all task through Jira and managed the project on the website giving tasks when needed. This project was also completed during Covid-19 whilst every team member was at home using Microsoft Teams, Jira and Discord.
Design Process
When designing the game our main objectives we wanted to get across where communication and teamwork. The best way we could do this is through blocking sections off and forcing players to use workbenches to pass over the objects to complete orders and it forces players to do both of the objectives we wanted to achieve.
In level 1 we knew we had to teach players how to complete the basic skills required to play our game. We did this through a tutorial UI and hinted to the players where to go through UI above machines. We also blocked half the play space off in order to force players to learn about teamwork and communication.
Level 2 included the same orders as level 1, however players will learn about the battery and a new order the mummy. These are both hinted through UI Blackboards at the back of the level and through a UI screen at the start of the level. To let players understand how to create a mummy we also allowed the first table to not fail and freeze the table at the end of the track until the player completes the order in the correct way.
Level 3 introduces 3 new orders Octopus, Octoent and Pirate Octoent. This level was to show off what later levels could be like. This level introduces a minigame on tank to gain an octopus and add great aspect to the level. We also partly blocked off the place space and means if players will work together in a team but can complete a task by themselves if they run around the longer route. 

Design Document (Work In-progress) - Click Here
Games Page - Click Here
Playthrough levels 1-3
The playthrough on the left is from the final build and contains levels 1, 2 and 3 and also contains the Level select rooms and end screen room. I worked on all these levels and created the game loops and menus, to get the finalised game. 
Our aim was to try and create an enjoyable experience for the player and to make people wanna achieve 3 stars in every level. We also wanted to create a game that if we came back to allowed for a lot more additions and creativity, such as more levels, different monsters to create and DLC content.

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